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Netflix VPN ban 45,000 People openly Disagree

Earlier this year we reported that Netflix has started cracking down on users attempting to circumvent its geoblocking technology, using VPN. The streaming site updated its proxy detection techniques so members could no longer use VPNs to access content not available in their country.

In response to Netflix’s actions, a Canadian internet advocacy group, Open Media published an open letter addressed to Netflix Company CEO Reed Hastings asking the firm to stop blocking VPNs.

So far, nearly 45,000 people have signed Open Media’s online petition, ’My Netflix, My Privacy,’ which calls for Netflix to “stand up to big media bullies and not block pro-privacy VPN technology.”

“Watching quality content and knowing that creators are being compensated in the process is great. But we also love our privacy. And lately, as your subscribers, you just haven’t been treating us well,” writes Laura Tribe, Digital Rights Specialist for Open Media. “[Blocking VPN connections] is a huge problem for our privacy ­conscious supporters, who use VPNs as an essential, user-friendly tool to protect their privacy in a post-Snowden world.”

While Open Media accepts that Netflix must adhere to its licensing agreements with the content owners, it believes that there are better ways of enforcing geographic restrictions than blocking VPN users.

“A good VPN is the best and most accessible tool that Internet users have to protect our privacy, and ensure our safety online. Whether it’s from malicious criminal activities, government surveillance and censorship, or simply connecting to a weakly-secured hotel wi-fi system, our personal and private digital information is constantly being put at risk and made vulnerable online.”

Tribe also takes issue with comments Hastings made at a recent Netflix earnings call, where he called VPN users “a very small but vocal minority” who were “really inconsequential to us.”

“[…] we’re not small, and we’re not insignificant – but you did get one thing right: we are vocal. And we think it’s important that our voices be heard. So far nearly 45,000 people have joined our campaign asking you to not block pro-privacy VPN technology,” she said.

Open Media invited the CEO to discuss alternative options to its current geoblocking methods. Whether Hastings agrees, and if anything comes of it, remains to be seen.

Netflix has 30 million subscribers. 45,000 subscribers is lint in Netflix’s pocket. It probably will grow nowhere except more efforts are put in place, to ensure subscribers signing up for that petition, grows exponentially.

For now the only working vpn service that can still unblock netflix at this time is express vpn 

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How to Get American Netflix in Canada

Want to get access to the American Netflix video library in Canada? You don’t need to pay anything extra or create a new account; all you need to do is change your device’s DNS settings so that Netflix thinks you’re connecting from within the US. You’ll need to find Netflix’s current DNS addresses, which changes regularly.


How To Change DNS On Windows

  1. Click the Start menu or button and type. ncpa.cpl. Press Enter to open the Network Connections window.
  2. 2
    Right-click on your active network connection. Select “Properties”.
  3. 3
    Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” from the list. Click theProperties button.
  4. 4
    Select the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option. This will allow you to input the DNS server of your choice. Entering Netflix’s US DNS server will make Netflix think you are connecting from the US.
  5. 5

    Enter in a primary and secondary DNS address. The Netflix DNS servers change regularly, so there’s a good chance that the codes listed on this page will be outdated. To find the latest servers, perform a Google search for “US Netflix DNS addresses”.

    • As of November 24th, 2014, / and213.005.182.117 / are working DNS primary / secondarycombinations.
  6. 6
    Click .OK. You may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  7. 7

    Log into Netflix. When you open the Netflix page on your new DNS server, you can log in using your Canadian account and get access to the American video library.

    • If you aren’t able to access Netflix, try a different set of DNS addresses.
    • If you continue to have trouble finding working DNS addresses, consider a paid VPN service

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