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Total VPN Reviews

Total VPN is a fresh, new UK company that started out in the latter half of 2015. Operated by Pseudio Ltd DBA, they are actually very well equipped for long-term business and to help a great number of people get to safe internet access with less restrictions. An excellent selling point to the company’s services is that you can acquire it for free, permanently, though with some limitations. It is the Premium plan that contains the full package. The general circumstances for VPN usage are all there for Total VPN.

Total VPN Features

Nobody can argue that 30 servers is the richest network of VPN servers available in the market. However, they are strategically located and they cover pretty much every part of the world. So, it is not just the quantity that matters – it is more important to get the quality needed for surfing the web at great speeds and this is something that Total VPN can be proud of.
Just to name a few, there are 11 servers in North America, 17 servers in Europe and 5 in Asia. All these servers compose over 150 different IPs for you to benefit from. Unlimited bandwidth without any traffic limit is a plus of Total VPN, as is the free plan that we will analyze below. This free plan if offered for life, providing a great solution to those who do not wish to spend money on VPN. P2P file sharing is allowed, which can be an added bonus for the people who want to engage in such activities online.
Three simultaneous connections are accepted with a single account and this is definitely another advantage for Total VPN subscribers. 99.99% Uptime guarantee and full compatibility add to the user experience, as much as unlimited reconnects. Windows, Mac, iOS and Android users will be glad to navigate through the site and find the guide they are looking for. App for Chromebook is also on the way. On the downside, no Kill Switch or DNS leak feature are available. As a whole, there are satisfying features in subscribing to Total VPN. With a relative addition of servers, things will become even better for the user.

Total VPN Pricing & Plans

Two plans are offered by Total VPN, one free and another one at a reasonable cost. In the free version, you only get the chance to connect to 3 locations and there are some limits as to the bandwidth that you use and the data transfer. In addition, only one connection is accepted from a single account – but this is justified, due to the data restrictions.

On the bright side, the free version supports all security protocols. Now, the premium plan is offered at €6.95 per month. This includes over 30 server locations, as well as unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, three simultaneous connections at a time and of course all security protocols. Premium Proxy is another advantage you get with the paid version.
There is no free trial, but nobody needs it – after all, the free version lasts for as much as you want and acts like a free trial. As for the full money refund guarantee, it stretches for a whole month and makes things even better for potential customers. More specifically, full money back guarantee is offered in the first month, pro rata after that point.
There is no free coupon available from the provider yet, although the free service forever can be considered as such. Last but not least, you can choose to pay via credit cards or PayPal for subscribing to the premium plan of Total VPN.

VPN Network

Like most other participants on the market, Total VPN also offers unlimited bandwidth on their premium package and offer 50% of total vpn price to the first one thousand subscriber every month. The free version however has caps on both bandwidth and the data you are allowed to work with. The good news is that if you go Premium, you get access to 30+ countries and extensive server support, particularly for the USA. In any client software or application, you are presented with a world map to further help you getting around. So the general circumstances are given for an enjoyable VPN connection. But, being a new company, there is a minor case of chicken pox here..

Signing Up
In order to sign up to the free plan, you just need an email address and nothing else. For the premium plan, though, you will be required to add a valid credit card (since you will need to pay for the services provided). From the home page of Total VPN, you click on the “Get Total VPN” button next to login and you are redirected to a plain pop-up window, where you write down your full name, an email address and a password. That’s it!

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Hide My Ass VPN 2016 Review

Hide My Ass is a VPN provider with a funny name but that provides a very serious service. The service allows people to anonymize their Internet traffic for security.
What Services Like Hide My Ass Do
Hide My Ass is one of many VPN providers that allow users to connect to Internet sites through servers other than their own ISPs. You still use your ISP, of course, but any traffic going to the website you want to visit appears to be coming from a different server entirely. In the case of Hide My Ass, it may be coming from the server in any one of the 122 nations in which this provider has VPN servers situated.

Is this Illegal?

No. There is nothing illegal about using a VPN server. The idea behind the servers is not to accommodate people who want to conduct activities that are illegal. In fact, the point of these types of servers is to provide anonymity as a shield for people who are worried about having their legitimate security compromised online. This is an increasing concern for many Internet users and has led to many different companies entering this field.

An Example

Imagine that you wanted to visit a server but you weren’t exactly sure whether or not it was safe. For example, you may be worried that there is some sort of identity theft or simply some sort of rather intrusive advertising being conducted on the site and you want to make sure that whoever is running the site doesn’t have access to your IP address. This is one of the reasons that people use VPN servers. Using the servers, your request appears to come from a different IP than your own, which means that there is no way for the person who owns the site to figure out where the request was actually made from first.
As a layer of additional security, the services use protocols such as SSL and PPTP to make sure that nobody can listen in on the traffic with a device such as a packet sniffer. If they were to try, they would simply get a bunch of data that was completely unusable to them without the encryption key, which is not communicated over the connection.
Services such as Hide My Ass are popular with consumers. While VPN networks have been in use for many years, they have been mostly used by businesses that were worried about protecting client information or industry secrets. Today, end-users are finding that the services are excellent ways to make sure that they’re not exposed unduly on the Internet in terms of the information exchange or their identity. There are servers located in so many nations that it’s easy to make it seem as if the traffic is coming from any number of places with the services.

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