How To Get Discount On Airline Ticket With NordVPN

If you want an easy trick that can help you save money on BIG TIME plane tickets, read on. We will tell you all about how to see best deals on airline tickets! (Spoiler alert: it has to do with the use of a VPN!)

Traveling is one of the best experiences of life, but it can be quite expensive, especially airfare. Even with discount airlines and holiday deals, booking a flight can often be financially overwhelming.

How travel companies know their location

One of the hardest parts to travel is to find the best deals. Sure, many comparison websites can save you a few dollars, but it can take hours to analyze all the available options. You may even realize that the more you search, the higher the prices! The reality is that these websites often track their searches and, in turn, increase the flight rates in parallel with the demand rate.

These are how websites can determine your location:

IP Address: An Internet Protocol (IP) address is essentially your only “address” on the Internet, indicating to the websites where you are located.

Cookies: cookies personalize your browsing experience by tracking and storing some of your activities. As travel sites feel that you are doing several searches of the same query, they merely increase the price of the flight.

GPS on portable devices: websites can use the GPS on their mobile device or tablet to see where they are and then use that to determine what price to offer.

Wi-Fi: If you are browsing through Wi-Fi, websites can track your location if you permit them.

Geolocation coding on websites: with HTML5 encoding, websites can track your location even on your personal computer.

In summary, travel companies use the point of sale, the currency of payment chosen and the location to determine the quote they give for their tickets. That is why you may end up paying more than someone in another part of the world using a different currency, even if you are looking for the same date, airline, and flight!

Exchange rate calculation from

Then we merely changed our virtual identity by connecting to NordVPN server in the USA and did the same search. Note that the airline, date and flight time are the same to show a 1 to 1 comparison.

As the IP address changes in the United States, we are quoted at $ 1,346.82. Just switch the server location by using NordVPN, and we’ll be able to find the same flight for less than our original search of $ 406.47. Save 30%! This is because we booked flights from the United States instead of from Romania. Please note that searching from the United States does not always guarantee you a better price, but it is worth it when we tried!

This is just one of many examples of how you can use VPNs to save on airfare, so be sure to change your IP address using a VPN and compare the results before purchasing!

One of our happy clients also managed to save money on the ticket. This is what they have to say:


So how can you save money on airline tickets without losing an afternoon to look for or receive a penalty for your location? Simple. Merely prevent sites from tracking your browser searches, history and cookies using a VPN.

Quick tips for cheaper flights

A VPN can save you money on your ticket. Here are some useful tips:


  1. Change the IP address to a low-income country

Use NordVPN to get a new anonymous IP address from another country. Watch this video to find out how! This can often be done by moving to a country with a lower income. Also, try to change the IP of the airline’s country. So, if you travel with a Brazilian airline, switch to a Brazilian IP address, and the prices may be lower.


Remember, the price is always fluctuating, depending on the country you are looking for. The fair comparison shows that the best time to get the lowest ticket price in the United States is 3 pm on Tuesday. ET.


  1. Change the IP address to reset the price increase


As explained above, travel websites raise prices when they see that you are always searching for the same flight with the same IP address. Just connect to a SaferVPN server, even in your own country. Then, return to your favorite flight website, and you are likely to see prices immediately fall back to where they started.

3.Clear your cookies

Using your browser’s private mode to prevent the storage of cookies and clearing or disabling your cookies will help prevent the tracking of travel sites. However, if you do not use VPN, you can still track with your IP address.


  1. Use an international version of the website

The price may vary depending on the source of the website you are using. Try other versions such as UK (, French (.fr) or Canada (.ca). However, if you do not use a VPN, the travel site may not lower the price and may redirect you to a local site.


How to use NordVPN to save money on airline tickets

Here’s an example we encounter today, when you search for flights that show different prices (depending on where you are hunting), and how to change flights over the VPN may save you money. We do not guarantee that you will get the same results as we did, but the opportunity to search for flights using the method we describe below is pretty good, giving you the chance to choose lower-cost flights. We recommend that you check several different times and try using different IP addresses to see the possible price differences.


First, we connect to our VPN in Romania. It takes us to Ireland’s website. Next, we searched for flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Sydney (SYD) Australia and from April 1, 2017 to April 14, we found a 1,665.01 euro flight, which is equivalent to $ 1,753.29.

Review from

Regularly updating SkyScan’s article on flight deals, try it out for under $ 100, to find cheap flight costs in other trending destinations across the US, Canada, Europe, and the world. See if you can find savings in your location and IP address when hidden!


Is it legal to use VPN while booking a flight?

We contacted United’s customer service to book flights to know the status of taking advantage of price deficits abroad. Ideal Customer Service Representative acknowledged that they post different prices in different countries and post different rates for various travel agents (i.e., Expedia, Kek, etc.). Also, they work with different licenses travel agents in different countries, and that’s a big reason for the differences in prices.


We have specifically asked about the VPN, and she said that there is nothing in the vehicle’s contract against using VPN. We told him that we were looking through our VPN at the United United Brazilian site when we were chatting with him, and he said we could book the flight with no worries!

Mostly, you can see different prices for different travel agents and countries; That’s not a mistake, it’s just that the prices are different. He also said that it is entirely legal to use a VPN to book flights from other geographical locations.

To verify this, we e-mailed to about it, and here is our correspondence:

As you can see, neither the airline nor the travel agent has any problem with us using a VPN to buy tickets at a lower price.

In today’s e-commerce world, all e-merchants use some price segmentation to take advantage of higher buying power, but with a VPN, it’s easy to jump between different segments of the price!

Do not forget to mention that VPNs have other advantages, such as: providing additional security by sending your encrypted information via a virtual Web tunnel, allowing you to unlock and distribute websites, games, music and any other type of media; allowing you to browse the Internet with the fastest VPN speed available!


Start packing your bags!

If you do not have NordVPN yet, try NordVPN for a low price (with our 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!) And save money on airline tickets, change your IP address, blocked content access, and enjoy bargains!


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