How to watch Demand 5 abroad

It is not surprising to say that Channel 5‘s free on-demand video service Demand 5 is only available in within the UK, just as 4oD is. To watch Big Brother, The Walking Dead, and Law & Order outside UK, we have to use Smart DNS or VPN. Both methods allow you to circumvent geo-restriction and stream blocked content like Demand 5 in USA, Australia, Canada, or France.

I’ll now go straight into comparing Smart DNS and VPN; I’ll also provide instructions for installation of both in this article.

The Smart DNS Method

If you try to watch episodes on Demand 5 abroad, you’ll be greeted with this message on your screen “The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location.” That’s because Demand 5 is able to detect your location through IP address tracking. Smart DNS simply hides your location by masking your IP Address with a new one, giving you access to geo-restricted channels like Demand 5, and no chance to realize you’re located outside UK.

Below is a rundown of Smart DNS advantages.

  1. It unblocks restricted content from different countries at once. Using one Smart DNS setup, you get to watch UK’S Demand 5, US Netflix, and ME’s BEIN Sports simultaneously.
  1. It actually doesn’t change your local IP address.
  2. Your Internet speed remains constant even when you’re using Smart DNS.
  3. It works across all platforms that can stream videos online.

Due to some ISPs that deploys DNS Hijacking or Transparent Proxies. You must be sure that your Smart DNS proxy service provider does have Demand 5 in their unblocked channel list before you sign up. The 159 unblocked streaming services include Demand 5. Start up by giving their 7-day free trial a go. You can also check their installation guides for all devices.

The VPN Method

VPN which stands for “Virtual private network” changes your IP address and provides you with a new one from almost any region in the world. Install VPN. Choose a UK VPN server. The next time you use the Demand 5 app or website, you’ll appear to be located in UK. Watch all Demand 5 shows abroad. VPN benefits are listed below.

  1. All your traffic will be encrypted when you use VPN to ensure your privacy is protected.
  1. Choosing a UK VPN server means you can watch all British online channels overseas. Since you traffic gets rechanneled to UK, your Internet speed get a 10% penalty.
  2. VPN is not affected by DNS Hijacking or Transparent Proxies.
  3. Not all devices are supported. Smart TV, Chrome cast, Apple TV do not support VPN natively. Either set up VPN on a router that supports VPN or use Smart DNS.

You may check out ExpressVPN if you’re interested in using the VPN method. They offer VPN apps for all platforms. They also have 66 VPN locations including UK. They are really versatile.

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