PureVPN 2018 Review


  • 750+ servers in 141 countries: so there will always be a server near you
  • Five simultaneous connections: up to five devices at a time for maximum protection
  • Wi-Fi Security: Automatically protects you on new Wi-Fi networks
  • Distributed Service Protection (DOS): Advanced port forwarding
  • Split the tunnel
  • 24/7 Live Chat: support the clock when you need it

Our summary

PureVPN looks excellent but rejected by not performing most basic functions VPN function – hide your real IP address.

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Pure vpn Review

What is PureVPN?

PureVPN is a VPN service that was born in 2007 in Hong Kong. It would be impossible to conduct a PureVPN review without first referring to a large number of complaints received by downloadvpn.org about this VPN service. Please see the comments section at the end of this report to read some of these.

This aside, I found a full-featured service, but one reasonably dishonest about the records that he kept. Moreover, PureVPN was slow in security/privacy mode. The DNS address of the ISP is also leaked, even when DNS leak protection is enabled (which is not a default setting).

However, servers in locations around the world, separate tunnels, dedicated IP, and sophisticated port forwarding can make PureVPNin a compelling choice for those who need these features.

PureVPN Pricing and Plans

PureVPN has simplified the pricing structure since we looked at another service. It now offers a simple subscription plan; one size fits all starting at $ 10.95 per month. Discounts are available for bulk purchases, with a two-year subscription fee of only $ 0.2.95 per month.

No free trial is available, but PureVPN does not offer a seven-day money back guarantee. However, this should be treated with extreme caution. If you look at the comments below in this comment, you’ll see a range of complaints from people who have not received a refund they feel they deserve.

Besides, many customers complain that it is charged twice, for funds disappear from bank accounts and such.

Instead, a three-day trial is available at a non-refundable cost of $ 2.50.

Credit/debit card can make payment, PayPal, Alipay, cashu, and a variety of gift cards. PureVPN also accepts a selection of Cryptocurrencies in partnership with PaymentWall.

Paying with gift cards or cryptocurrency can allow you to pay for anonymously. Please be aware, however, that PureVPN will still know your real The EB address (as with any Vpn you use).

PureVPN  features

PureVPN  provides the following features:

  • 750+ servers in 141 countries
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • OpenVPN protocol support, Layer 2 tunnel protocol (L2TP) / Internet protocol(IPSEC), Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PC), Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (STEP), IPE 2 (IKEv2)
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Dedicated Ep
  • NAT firewall
  • Distributed Service Protection (DOS)
  • Internet Security Suite
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • Advanced charging port

Other than ExpressVPN, PureVPN offers more server locations than any other VPN provider I know. For those who need access to a lot of servers, or to servers in strange locations, this can be a killer feature.

The fact that you can connect up to five devices to service at a time is also helpful. Please see my VPN encryption manual for a discussion on the various VPN protocols (tel: firçion – and just use Openben).

PureVPN comes with a range of features designed to improve Internet security in general. These include antivirus / anti-malware protection, ad blocking, URL filtering, application filtering, and more. If these features work then their operation is transparent, so I could not review them.

Wi-Fi security

This feature I see is provided by a growing number of VPN services. It automatically detects when your device connects to an insecure Wi-Fi network and offers to enable Win for you. I have not tested this feature, but it can be useful in protecting you from hackers when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Summary of PureVPN

  • PROS
  • Servers in 141 countries
  • Five devices at a time
  • Fast speeds
  • Peer to peer (P2P)
  • Compatible with 50+ platforms
  • Negatives
  • IPv6, DNS and WebRTC leaks detected
  • Communication problems on selected servers
  • Many complaints
  • Security features and claims are difficult to verify


PureVPN claims that it does not keep records at all:

“We do not monitor user activity and do not maintain any records, so we do not have a record of your activities like the programs you’ve used, the websites you’ve visited, the content you downloaded, the applications you used, etc. After connecting to any of our servers.”

But then continue to qualify seriously for this statement: “Our servers automatically record the time that you connect to any of our servers.” From here on, we do not keep records of anything that can be linked to any particular activity of a particular user. The total bandwidth used during this connection is “bandwidth.” Connection and bandwidth are kept in the record to maintain the quality of our services. ”

So in fact, PureVPN retains a complete set of communication records (metadata). This will not be a significant concern to most people but does not open the possibility of ending the end timing (traffic link) attack on users. Please see the five best no VPN records feature for a complete discussion on Vin records and registration.

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong and makes a big deal of the fact that Hong Kong has no laws retaining data forcing Venn’s providers to keep records. It is, therefore, a shame to do very extensive metadata records anyway.

P2P Torrenting allows on some servers.

Is PureVPN safe?

The best measure of technical security for Finn’s service (and overall technical efficiency) is Openvpn’s encryption that he uses. But when I was referred to a live chat with a professional support staff, he was unable to provide any details on the subject.

He told me that PureVPN uses the S-256 encryption and RSA-2048 encryption handshake, before suddenly cutting our chat sessions.

So I was not able to know whether S-256 is used on both the control and data channels, what is the hash authentication used on any of the channels, or if the confidentiality is used forward perfect.

This does not inspire confidence at all in the technical security of PureVPN (or knowledge, competence, or even the management of support staff).

Please see the Vpn Encryption: Complete Guide if you would like to learn more about it.

PureVPN site

The PureVPN website looks smart and does an excellent job of listing the features on display. It is a light in the details, however. The support section is available, which includes questions and answers and a reasonably broad knowledge base.

PureVPN Support

Unlike the support section on its website, customer support is primarily via 24/7 live chat. It is also possible to request a support ticket. The live chat responded quickly, and it was fine when I asked simple questions about the service.

purevpn official site

the operation

Sign up is easy. You must provide a name and an email address, but you do not need to verify it to register for the service. PureVPN may be able to obtain additional information via the payment method, but it supports various “anonymous” payment methods.

vpn operating system

When you subscribe, PureVPN invites you to download the program. A confirmation email with your account details is sent to the email address you provided.

Windows PureVPN Client

Windows client looked smart and packed with useful features.

PureVPN does not explain what the difference each “mode” makes to your connection settings, so I just have to assume it is optimally optimized for advertised tasks.

I have no idea why Bahrain gives me the best ping times from the UK!

The map is beautiful.

It is possible to use Windows as a VPN connection point. This means that other devices can connect through it to the Internet while taking advantage of the Vin protection. This is a neat feature, although I have not been able to test it as my USB stick Wi-Fi does not support Windows 10 in the hot mobile feature.

By default, it seems to be using the IKEv2 Windows client. I think OpenVPN would be a better choice, but IKEv2 is still good. Please see the VPN Encryption Guide for a discussion of this issue.

It also supports (IPv4) leakage protection and IPv6 leak protection (it disables IPv6). At least in theory. Enabling DNS leak protection requires restarting the application in Admin mode. This probably explains why you do not allow protection against leakage and IPv6 by default. You should place a strict mark on these boxes once you start using PureVPN!

However … even with the leakage protection run on, I discovered a leakage (see below)!

Essential Killer (with the optional Automatic Redial feature) is fantastic, and I’m just like the optional feature that will remind you if Win is not running.

Split spending allows you to exempt selected applications from VPN, an advantageous feature.

Even with DNS protection enabled, I had a DNS leak.

Performance of PureVPN (Speed, DNS, Weiberts and IPv6 tests)

I conducted all the tests on my Virgin Media UK media connection, using the OpenVPN User Datagram Protocol (UDP). I also ran a few quick tests using the default IVEv2 protocol, and the results were similar.

The European servers were tested in security/privacy mode, and the US server was in Stream mode (this model also provides a typical use case from the UK).

Download speeds using secure / privacy mode are very disappointing. Stream mode is much faster, even when testing transatlantic servers.

The address of the UK Eb belongs to my ISB. Fail! This is especially bad since I have been able to protect the leakage of the dung.

Both the BBC player and AOL Netflix (even in Stream mode) have been banned.

If you wish to unblock these services, we recommend that you check out the best Netflix VPNs.

Other platforms

PureVPN has custom applications for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. It also supports various protocols that can be configured manually on a wide range of devices, including routers.

Android app

Since I have an Android phone, I tested the Android app.

The app looks similar to a desktop client, which is not a bad thing.

It is easy enough to use.

It also includes many of the best features of Brother Desktop. These include killswitch, excellent port selection and split support.

PureVPN Review: Conclusion


  • Fully featured software (both desktop and mobile)
  • Servers in 141 countries
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Split the tunnel
  • Killswitch
  • Custom Ep (optional)
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • Advanced charging port
  • P2P Torrenting allows many servers
  • NAT firewall
  • 7-day money back guarantee

I was not sure of the following:

  • I have no idea if the advertised security features work
  • Speed ​​performance in security/privacy mode is average at best
  • Does not work with BBC Eplayer or US Netflix (unless you are requesting a custom iPad)
  • Lots of contact logs (misleading misrepressants)

I hated:

  • Dung infiltration, even with run leakage protection protection
  • A considerable number of complaints received by BestVPN.com about the service
  • Technical support commented on me when I asked about the encryption details used

PureVPN looks excellent on the surface. Its program is Smart and is loaded with useful features such as port forwarding, split tunnelling, and a killswitch.

This is all the bad down, however, by not implementing most basic VPN functions – hide your real Eb address. Infiltration leaks when the leakage protection is enabled is unclean, frankly, unforgivable. I was also shocked at the way my support just refused to talk to me when they could not answer my questions. Then we get to the reader complaints below …

There are people, however, who will appreciate a large number of server location offers or some of its more unusual features.

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